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Prophet Muhammad: I take refuge

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Prophet Muhammad: I take refuge

Photo: Bazaar in Khwarezm. Early 20th century.


​'I take refuge in the Perfect Words of God from the evil of that which He has created.'
(Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)
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'Al-Ghazali on Love, Longing, Intimacy & Contentment'
By Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (Author), Eric Ormsby (Translator)

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As the first complete translation of a classic Arabic text written in the 11th century, this work is an eloquent introduction to mystical love in Islam. Considered one of the most important chapters in al-Ghazālī's magnum opus The Revival of the Religious Sciences, it consists of arguments that form the basis of Sufi theory and the practice of mystical love. Providing the book's historical and spiritual context, this account also offers insight into the poetry of such greats as Rumi and Hafiz.
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