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Prophet Muhammad: Adam descended in India

Prophet Muhammad: Adam descended in India

Photo: Men from Algeria; late 1800s.


Ali, peace be upon him, asked, “Messenger of God, tell me about the words of God Almighty which Adam received from his Lord so that He turned to him (cf. 2:37). What are those words?”

The Prophet (may blessings and peace be upon him) “Adam (peace be upon him) descended in India, Eve in Jiddah, the serpent in Isfahan and Iblis in Baysan. In the Garden there was nothing more beautiful that the serpent and the peacock. The serpent has feet like those of a camel. When Iblis, may God curse him, entered inside of it and tempted and deceived Adam (peace be upon him) then God Almighty was angry at the snake and removed its legs from it. He said, ‘I will place your provision in the earth and I will make you crawl on your belly. May God not show His mercy to the one who shows mercy to you. God was angry at the peacock and scoured its feet because it guided Iblis to the tree.

“Adam remained for a hundred years without lifting his head to heaven, weeping over his error. He sat in sorrow and so God sent Gabriel (peace be upon him) to him. He said, ‘Peace be upon you, Adam. God, the Almighty and Exalted, sends you peace and says to you, “Did I not create you with My hand and breathe into you of My Spirit? Did not the angels prostrate to you? Did I not marry you to Eve? So what is the reason for this weeping?”‘

“He replied, ‘Gabriel, what could keep me from weeping when I have left the vicinity of my Lord?’ Gabriel (peace be upon him) said to him, ‘Adam, speak these words and God Almighty will forgive your wrong action and accept your repentance.’ He asked, ‘What are they?’ He said, ‘Say, “O God, I ask you by the right of Muhammad and the family of Muhammad. Glory be to You, O God and by Your praise. I have done evil and wronged myself. No one forgives wrong actions except You. Show mercy to me. You are the best of those who show mercy. Glory be to You and by your praise. There is no god but You. I have done evil and wronged myself. You are the Ever-Turning, Most Merciful. Glory be to You and by your praise. There is no god but You. I have done evil and wronged myself, so forgive me. You are the best of those who forgive.”‘ Those are the words.

(Advise from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to Imam Ali (RA) recorded by Ibn Arabi)




Quote Source & Recommended Reading:

'Ibn al-Arabi: The Mysteries of Bearing Witness to the Oneness of God and Prophethood of Muhammad'
By Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-Arabi, by Aisha Bewley (Translator)

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The master of Islamic spirituality describes the first pillar of Islam, bearing witness to the Oneness of God and that Muhammad is a Messenger of God.



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