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Quran, Thomas Traherne, Bhagavad Gita, Anandamayi Ma and Shakespeare: On Beatitude and Contentment

Quran, Thomas Traherne, Bhagavad Gita, Anandamayi Ma and Shakespeare: On Beatitude and Contentment

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Allah hath pleasure in them and they have pleasure in Him.

(Quran XCVIII, 8)

You must want like a God that you may be satisfied like God...He is infinitely Glorious, because all His wants and supplies are at the same time in his nature from Eternity...His wants are as lively as His enjoyments; and always present with Him. For His Life is perfect, and He feels them both. His wants put a lustre upon His enjoyments amd make them infinite. His enjoyments being infinite crown His wants, and make them beautiful even to God Himself. His wants and enjoyments being always present are delightful to each other, stable, immutable, perfective of each other, and delightful to Him. Who Being Eternal and Immutable, enjoyeth all His wants and treasures together. His wants never afflict Him, His treasures never disturb Him. His wants always delight Him; His treasures never cloy Him.

(Thomas Traherne)

He who is satisfied with wisdom and direct vision of Truth, who has conquered the senses and is ever undisturbed, to whom a lump of earth, a stone and gold are the same, that Yogi is said to be a Yukta (a saint of established wisdom).

(Bhagavad-Gita, VI. 8)

True beatitude is that which depends on nothing outside itself.

(Anandamayi Ma)

I wish for the thing I have.

(Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, II.ii. 132) 




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