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Quran, Hakuin, Meister Eckhart, Sri Ramakrishna, Prophet Muhammad, Abu Saad Ibn Abi Khayr, The Sophic Hydrolith, Bayazid al-Bistami, Shekel Hakodesh, Bhagavad-Gita & Sister Consolata: On Peace

Quran, Hakuin, Meister Eckhart, Sri Ramakrishna, Prophet Muhammad, Abu Saad Ibn Abi Khayr, The Sophic Hydrolith,  Bayazid al-Bistami, Shekel Hakodesh, Bhagavad-Gita & Sister Consolata: On Peace
Photo: Taoist monk is repose, 1935.



​Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.

(Quran, XIII. 28)

Cut off and destroy in yourselves the roots of avarice, anger, ignorance, pride. When you have cut off and destroyed the 'life-death' (as it is called) that will be the cessation of both life and death. When you reach that stage your mind will come to an end and there will be real peace, the calm of non-attachment to forms
 and shapes of the world. Then the moon will be your pillow, so peacefully will you sleep. The sky will be your couch, ad you will command a view of the Lotus store-world of Amida and Vairocana. Your body and soul will be pure. Everything will be pure. This is the first entry into Nirvana.


There is nowhere perfect rest save in a heart detached.

(Meister Eckhart) 

No matter what path you follow, yoga is impossible unless the mind becomes quiet. The mind of the yogi is under his control; he is not under the control of his mind.

(Sri Ramakrishna)

A man said to the Prophet, 'Give me a command.' He said, 'Do not get angry.' The man repeated the question several time, and he said, 'Do not get angry.'

(Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

All God wants of man is a peaceful heart; then he performs within the soul an act too Godlike for creature to attain or yet see. The Divine Wisdom is discreetly fond and lets no creature watch.

(Meister Eckhart)

To be a Sufi is to cease from taking trouble; and there is no greater trouble for these than thine own self, for when thou are occupied with thyself, thou remainest away from God.

(Abu Sa'id Ibn Abi l-Khayr)

He who has good enjoys it in silence.

(The Sophic Hydrolith)

If the ego rises, all else will rise; if it subsides, all else will also subside.

(Sri Ramana Maharshi)

All this talk and turmoil and noise and movement and desire is outside the veil; within the veil is silence and calm and rest.

(Bayazid al-Bistami)

Thy words and acts are in thy power before the word is spoken; once said, the word hath power over thee, all control from thee hath passed.

(Shekel Hakodesh, 228)

With understanding held by firmness, and mind established in Self, let him (the Yogi) (thus) by degrees attain tranquility; let him not think of anything else. Wheresoever, the restless and unsteady mind may wander away, let him withdraw it from there and bring it under the control of the Self alone. He whose passions are quieted and mind perfectly tranquil, who has become one with Brahman, being freed from all impurities, to such a Yogi comes bliss. 

(Bhagavad-Gita, VI. 24-27)

The greatest number of failings in a community - experience has taught me this - come from breaking the rule of silence.

(Sister Consolata)




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