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Rabia al Adawiyya: On Faith and Union

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Rabia al Adawiyya: On Faith and Union
Photo:  Merchant during Qajar period; Iran.



O children of Adam! Your eyes provide no passage to perceive the Truth, nor is there any access to Him by speech of the tongue. The faculty of hearing is but a highway to distress for the speaker, while your hands and feet only steer you only into bewilderment. The true work is in the heart. Try to acquire an awakened heart, for when the heart is awakened, it will have no need of a friend. That is to say, an awakened heart is one which is lost in God. What need does one who is effaced and lost in God have of a friend; for this is the station of Annihilation in God. (fana fi’llah)

(Rabi'a al-Adawiyya)




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'A Treasury of Sufi Wisdom: The Path of Unity;
By Peter Samsel (Editor)

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At the very heart of Islam lies the spiritual way of Sufism. Far removed from the negative portrayal of Islam in the headlines, Sufism is rooted in the harmonious qualities of peace, love, beauty, and wisdom. Its primary focus is to return human beings to unity with God. This select treasury of Sufi wisdom includes nearly 400 short sayings from as many as 100 of the greatest Sufi saints and sages in history, covering a vast span of 1,400 years. It includes notable sayings from well-known figures such as Rabiah, al-Hallaj, Junayd, al-Ghazali, Ibn al-Farid, Ibn Arabi, Rumi, and Ahmad al-Alawi. Also featured are over 150 verses from the Koran and the Hadith (Prophetic sayings), which form the foundational sources of this esoteric form of Islam. Whether expressing itself in pithy paradoxical aphorisms, extended intellectual instruction, or rapturous mystical poetry, this compendium of Sufi wisdom will illuminate the spiritual traveler's way of return to God.
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