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Rasakhan: Loving Vow

Rasakhan: Loving Vow
Photo:  Sayeen Faqeer Muhammad Shams Ali Qalandar was a great Sufi saint, Faqir and qalandar, he belonged to Silsilah Owaisi Qadiriyya Noshahi, from Punjab, Pakistan. He preached Islamic teachings and enlightened the path of spirituality/ Tasawuf with his guidance for the people.
I know all about the Enchanter's heart.
His glance has merged my heart with Him.
Ever since the day
I saw the captivating and beautiful,
moon-like face of that eminent Shyam
in the love-bower,
my eyes have abandoned all caution
and family concerns.
Now I wander His forest glade.
What can I do?
He has captured me.
I am stuck to that mine of nectar.
My loving vow is to His advantage.
Source and Recommended Reading:
'The Poems of Rasakhan: Treasure House of Love'
by Vallabhdas (Editor), Shyamdas (Translator), David L. Haberman (Translator), Krishna Kinkari (Translator)
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Rasakhan (c. 1534-1619 AD), a Muslim-born, ecstatic Krishna follower, offers in verse a glimpse into God's Playground, inspiring us to find our own path to that divine realm. The entrancing rhyme and alliteration of his village vernacular of Vrajabhasha - witty, elegant, and delightful just to hear, take us in just four lines to total grace-filled liberation! His poems are a testament to a love and a Beloved that know no limits. Rasakhan sees Krishna during the day, playing the flute and herding cows through the forest. At night, he envisions Him as the Gopis' lover in the leafy bowers of Vrindavan. He leads us from Child Krishna's adorable antics to Krishna's ultimate union with the beautiful Radha. Join this poet-bhakta on a pilgrimage to the Treasure House of Love.
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