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Rumi, Brahma Sutra (II. i. 32, 33), Sri Ramakrishna and Meister Eckhart: Creation as Play or Sport

Rumi,  Brahma Sutra (II. i. 32, 33), Sri Ramakrishna and Meister Eckhart: Creation as Play or Sport
Photo: Hindu Sadhus, 1800s.
Thou didst contrive this ‘I’ and ‘we’ in order that Thou mightst play the game of worship with Thyself, 
That all ‘I’s’ and ‘thou’s’ should become one soul and at last should be submerged in the Beloved.


Brahma’s creative activity is not undertaken by way of any need on his part, but simply by way of sport, in the common sense of the word.

(Brahma Sûtra, II. i. 32, 33)

God has created the world in play. 

(Sri Ramakrishna)

What is willing in the Godhead? It is the Father watching the play of his own nature. What is this play? It is his eternal Son. There has always been this play going on in the Father-nature. Play and audience are the same ...As it is written in the Book of Wisdom, ‘Prior to creatures, in the eternal now, I have played before the Father in his eternal stillness.’ The Son has eternally been playing before the Father as the Father has before his Son. The playing of the twain is the Holy Ghost in whom they both disport themselves and he disports himself in both. Sport and players are the same. Their nature proceeding in itself. ‘God is a fountain flowing
into itself,’ as St Dionysius says.

(Meister Eckhart) 
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