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Rumi and Javad Nurbakhsh: On Love

Rumi and Javad Nurbakhsh: On Love

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Leave behind your cleverness, O lover of God:
go crazy instead
Become a moth: enter the flame!
(Mevlana Rumi)
For one who sees truly,
love's pain is itself the remedy: But this mystery is revealed
only to those who are afflicted.
That lover who has left the realm of "I and you"
is a stranger to all: How then could he ever
be clever?
Love is an attraction
drawing multiplicity from the heart: The spirit of Unity it bestows
is free of all desires.
Love is a ladder
on the path toward God: A ladder to that place where
"wherever you look is God."
Only "I am God" is ever uttered
at the stage of love, For this secret is unknown
to "other than God."
Do not conceive of love
as a "pain without cure." Love is a snare set by God -
a consolation, not calamity.
O Nurbakhsh, since the lover
has no awareness of self, To attribute cleverness to him
would be a grave mistake.

(Javad Nurbakhsh)


Recommended Reading:
'The Path: Sufi Practices'
by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh (Author)
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The author, Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh, was the Master of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order for over 55 years, prior to his death, in October 2008, at the age of 82. In addition to bringing the teachings of the Nimatullahi Sufism to the West and other parts of the world, Dr. Nurbakhsh also wrote extensively on Sufism and was responsible for the editing, publishing and translation of many classic Sufi texts that have existed previously only in manuscript form.
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