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Rumi: And when I write a letter

Rumi: And when I write a letter
Photo: Persian women weaving a carpet in Hamadan in 1922.



And when I write a letter
To my beloved friends,
The paper and the inkwell,
The ink, the pen is He.
And when I write a poem

And seek a rhyming word--
The one who spreads the rhymes out Within my thoughts, is He!




Recommended Reading:
'Sufi Essays'
By Seyyed Hossein Nasr (Author)
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The majority of the books written on Sufism are from authors who have not "tasted" it, and that is the reason they are insufficient, if not misleading. To explain Sufism, or tasawwuf, as a bundle of foreign influences outside Islam is ridiculous. If one wants to borrow, or has the need to borrow, then they would go to the source; be it from Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and so forth. They would simply become Christians or Hindus. Sufism is the kernel of Islam, the very center of its circle. Have there ever been non-genuine Sufi/Muslim practices? Of course, and nowadays more than ever. But that tells us about the condition of people, and their grasp (or lack of) of the core teachings of Islam, not of Islam, and Sufism itself. If one encounters some books written in bad taste does that mean that we should write literature off? That we should boycott masterpieces? That is what some legalism-obsessed fellas seem to suggest nowadays. That is one of the many points touched. There is further elucidation of the meaning of the mystic quest; the relation between revelation, intellect and reason; description of the spiritual states; the encounter of Islam with other religions; excellent explanation of the root of environmental crisis, and more. 
This is a source to learn from if one is a serious seeker, or genuinely interested in knowing something about the reality of Sufism.
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