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Rumi: Like a hypocrite

Rumi: Like a hypocrite
Photo: Bosniaks praying in an open field, ca. 1906.


Like a hypocrite, you offer your excuses –
“I’m so busy providing for wife and children,

“I don’t have time to scratch my head.
How could I have time to practice religion? . . .
“I cannot escape from feeding my family,

I must seek lawful earnings tooth and nail.”. . .
You have an escape from God – but not from food.

You have an escape from religion – but not from idols.



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'Mystical Poems of Rumi'
By Jalal al-Din Rumi (Author), Ehsan Yarshater (Editor), Hasan Javadi (Editor), Franklin D. Lewis (Foreword), A. J. Arberry (Translator)

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Jalal al-Din Rumi (1207–73), legendary Persian Muslim poet, theologian, and mystic, wrote poems acclaimed through the centuries for their powerful spiritual images and provocative content, which often described Rumi’s love for God in romantic or erotic terms. His vast body of work includes more than three thousand lyrics and odes. This volume includes four hundred poems selected by renowned Rumi scholar A. J. Arberry, who provides here one of the most comprehensive and adept English translations of this enigmatic genius. Mystical Poems is the definitive resource for anyone seeking an introduction to or an enriched understanding of one of the world’s greatest poets.

​'Rumi is one of the world’s greatest lyrical poets in any language—as well as probably the most accessible and approachable representative of Islamic civilization for Western students.'

(James W. Morris, Oberlin College)
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