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Ruzbahan Baqli of Shiraz: In the feast of Divine Love

Ruzbahan Baqli of Shiraz: In the feast of Divine Love
Ahaidous dancers and singers from Middle Atlas, Morocco.



‘In the feast of Divine Love, the listener and the performer are both one. The truth of the path of lovers is accompanied by music but the truth of its truth is without music. Spiritual music comes from discourse (khatâb) and the lack of it from beauty (jamâl). If there is speech, there is distance, and if there is silence there is proximity. As long as there is audition, there is ignorance (bîkhabar) and the ignorant dwell in duality. In hearing spiritual music, reason is dethroned; command becomes prohibition and the abrogator (nâsikh) the abrogated (mansûkh). In the first stage of the spiritual concert, all the abrogators become abrogated, and all the abrogated abrogators.

(Ruzbahan Baqli of Shiraz)



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'The Unveiling of Secrets: Diary of a Sufi Master'
By Ruzbihan Baqli (Author), Carl W. Ernst (Author)

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In The Unveiling Of Secrets: Diary Of A Sufi Master records intimate visions in which Ruzbihan Baqli saw God appear to him in human form, in overpowering manifestations of divine qualities. Ruzbihan portrays his spiritual encounters with the prophets, the angels, and the great Sufi saints with poetic descriptions of his inner life, displaying the elemental mystical experiences which form the basis for Sufi descriptions of the spiritual path. Ably translated by Carl W. Ernst, The Unveiling Of Secrets is a visionary introduction into the mystical experience of a Sufi master.

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