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Ruzbihan Baqli: I am yours

Ruzbihan Baqli: I am yours
Photo:  Sayed Mohammed El Abed, cousin of the head of the Senussi tariqa and the ruler of Kufra.
The corruption of religions comes from turning them to mere words and appearances.
(Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali)



Recommended Reading:
'Unveiling of Secrets: The Diary of Sufi Master'
By Baqli Ruzbihan (Author)
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"This book opens before us a world of fragrant roses, visions of incredible boldness, described by one of the greatest visionaries in the realm of mystical love in Islam, Ruzbihan. The reader is transported by this congenial translation into the sphere of Absolute Beauty, and overwhelming Divine Love. May many readers enjoy this work which seems so far from the image of Islam current in the West!"
(Annemarie Schimmel, Professor of Indo-Muslim Culture, Harvard University, and author of Mystical Dimensions of Islam)
"Ruzbihan is back! One of the great Sufi mystics from the century just before Rumi, almost unknown for hundreds of years, comes among us again in this powerful and necessary book. I am grateful to Carl Ernst, who leads us through these spiritual diaries."
(Coleman Barks, translator of The Essential Rumi)
"This is the first work of Ruzbihan Baqli, one of the colossal figures of Sufism, to be translated into English. Rendered into a language that is at once elegant and accessible, this beautiful classic of spiritual autobiography should appeal not only to scholars of Islamic thought, but also to anyone seriously concerned with the life of the spirit."
(Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor of Islamic Studies, The George Washington University)
"The Unveiling of Secrets put me in what Ruzbihan might call 'a station' of pure awe. This book explodes contemporary notions of autobiography. It overwhelms doubt without argument, overwhelms with the integrity of its own telling, and immerses the willing reader, the sincere one, in the central mystery and joy of life. It brings, in this translation, an 'iltibas'—an investiture of dignity and mercy and grace—to the English language itself. This book takes us where we cannot go and lets us stand there listening as it reads itself. Open it, and watch a man love God as God loves man."
(David James Duncan, author of The River Why, The Brothers K, and River Teeth)
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