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Sarmad: He and I are one

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Sarmad: He and I are one
Photo: Jewish woman in party outfit in the Dra Valley, Morocco. By Jean Besancenot, 1950.
He and I are one,
like the word and its meaning.

Behold union in separation,
like the eye and vision.

Not for a moment is He separate from me --

Behold us together everywhere,
like flower and fragrance.

Source and Recommended Reading:

'Sarmad...Martyr to Love Divine'
By Isaac A. Ezekiel (Author)

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The seventeenth century mystic Sarmad set out on the ultimate odyssey, the journey inward to the centre and source of life-to the perfect joy of union with the divine. His life and poetry have captured the hearts of Jews, Muslims and Hindus alike, each claiming him as one of their own. But Sarmad himself soared far beyond boundaries. He was not bound by the illusion that there is more than the One-the illusion that we are many, separate and different from each other. He left behind all concepts about God and religion, and even himself.
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