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Scripture of Eternal Purity and Calm

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Scripture of Eternal Purity and Calm
Photo: The 18th-generation transmitter of Dragon Gate Taoism, Wang Liping.


The Way includes clarity and opacity, movement and stillness. The sky is clear, the earth is opaque; the sky is in motion, the earth is still. The masculine is clear, the feminine is opaque; the masculine is active, the feminine is still. Descending from the root to flow into the branches, these produce myriad beings. Clarity is the source of opacity, movement is the foundation of stillness. If people can be clear and calm, the whole universe will come to them. The human spirit likes clarity, but the mind disturbs it. The human mind likes calm, but desires pull it. If you can always put your desires aside, your mind will naturally become calm; clarify your mind, and your spirit will naturally become calm.

(Scripture of Eternal Purity and Calm)


Quote Source and Recommended Reading:

'Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard'
By Chen Kaiguo (Author), Zheng Shunchao (Author), Thomas Cleary (Author)

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This authorized biography of the contemporary Taoist expert Wang Liping (1949 -) tells the true story of his apprenticeship in Taoist wizardry, as well as Taoist principles and secrets of inner transformation.

The 18th-generation transmitter of Dragon Gate Taoism, Wang Liping is heir to a tradition of esoteric knowledge and practice accumulated and refined over eleven centuries. This is the first English translation by noted writer Thomas Cleary of the authorized biography by two longtime disciples of this living master of the Dragon Gate branch of the Complete Reality school of Taoism, which integrated Buddhism and Confucianism into a comprehensive new form of Taoism.

"…an an amazing tale, told in a fast-paced and entertaining style. Cleary's masterful translation provides an exceptional prose encounter with one of the most interesting branches of Taoism."

(Publishers Weekly)

"…filled with magical characters, mysterious goings on, outrageous adventures, and sprinkled throughout with a goodly amount of Taoist alchemical teachings."

(The Empty Vessel)


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