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Shaykh Muhammad al Hafiz al Misri al Tijani: When the Real causes his absence

Shaykh Muhammad al Hafiz al Misri al Tijani: When the Real causes his absence
Photo: Shaykh Muhammad al-Hafiz al-Misri al-Tijani



​"That is the Bounty of Allah, He gives it to whom He wills. And Allah is the Owner of Great Bounty." (Holy Qur'an, Al-Hadid:21)

"As for the spiritual station of 'al-Mukashifa' (unveiling), it is the raising of the veils (al-Astar), until only a fine or thin screen remains and the person witnesses the realities (al-Haqiqa) as if without any obstruction. The spiritual station of 'al-Fana' (annihila
tion) is the Real's seizure, capture, or occupation (Istila'a) of the servant until the Real veils the servant from everything 'other' than He, including his own self (nafs).

While in the (beginning stages of the) Maqam of 'So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me' (2:152), the servant is still aware of himself in the remembrance of his Lord, until he begins to see that he is only engaged in the remembrance of Allah, by Allah. Then the Real annihilates him to himself and to the (act of) remembrance itself, until he no longer sees a 'rememberer', only Allah. 

When the Real causes his absence from himself, the remembrance is (truly) for his Lord. It is from Allah, by Allah, without any portion from the servant."

(Shaykh Muhammad al-Hafiz al-Misri al-Tijani from his 'Al-'Arifun Billah' or 'The People of Allah: The Gnostic Sages'; Interpreted from the Arabic by Muhammad Abdullahi al-Tijani al-Ibrahimi)



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Shaykh Ibrahim Niass is the only Tijani Shaykh to ever publish a Tafsir of Quran in its entirety. He completed the entire Tafsir of Quran between 10 and 12 times throughout his life, in public. Most of the times he would engage in the Tafsir, it would be in the Wolof language, but 2 or 3 times he did the entire Tafsir in the Arabic language for the benefit of his non-wolof speaking Murids (Students). The very last time he did the entire Tafsir in public, was in the year 1963 and it was recorded on cassette tape. One of his senior students from Mauritania named Shaykh Muhammad Wuld' Abdallah al-Jayjuba was present for all of his Tafsir readings and took the great task of transcribing the final recorded Tafsir into book form. It took him over 30 years to edit and check all of the Hadith and sources that Mawlana Shaykh Ibrahim Niass used in the Tafsir. The total number of Hadith that Shaykh Ibrahim mentioned in the Quran are over 6000. Shaykh Ibrahim Niass is known to have completed (Khatmul-Quran) recitation of the entire Quran twice a week. In one of his famous poems he beseeches Allah to "Make the memorization of Quran his Karama (Miracle)." When Shaykh Ibrahim Niass wanted to publicly give Tafsir Quran for the first time, he requested from his older brother to borrow his copy of Tafsir Jalalayn. That request was refused and Shaykh Ibrahim said...."I only ask for Tafsir Jalalayn as a formality and Adab" In other words, he did not need it. (In those days, the Shuyukh would borrow Tafsir from each-other because it was so rare to have it in a book form) In Reality, Shaykh Ibrahim Niass did not learn Tafsir from anyone besides Allah himself. His brother sent spies to listen to SHaykh Ibrahims Tafsir and report back as to what he was saying since he did not have the Tafsir Jalalayn to help....The spies reported back that what they heard from Shaykh Ibrahim was so amazing that they could not stay away. They said that they heard knowledge that even the Shaykhs father did not have or explain before. They testified that Shaykh Ibrahim was indeed a Master without comparison. This Tafsir is a Jewel that contains the meanings of the Zahir (Outward) and Batin (Inward/Hidden) explanation of the Quran. Our Master and Seal of Muhammadan Sainthood Mawlana Shaykh Ahmed Tijani as-Sharriff has said in his Jawahir al-Ma'ni...."The Zahir and Batin meanings of Quran are Haq (Truth) and they don't contradict each-other." This is the English Translation of this Monumental work.
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