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Shaykh Muhammad ibn al Habib al Amghari al Idrisi al Hassani: Annihilation in Allah

O Seeker of annihilation in Allah – say all the time: ‘Allah – Allah’,
And withdraw into Him from other than Him and with your heart – see Allah.
Gather your concerns in Him and He we be enough in place of other than Allah.
Be a pure slave to Him and you will be free from other than Allah.
Submit yourself to Him and be humble and you will win a secret from Allah.
Invoke Him with gravity and sincerity in the presence of the slaves of Allah.
Conceal it when He is manifested to you with the lights from the essence of Allah.
With us, other is impossible, for existence belongs to Allah.
And persevere in dhikr taught with permission and neglect it neither in the state of distress not of success.
Enrich the awakenings that come from the dhikr by keeping to the Sharia, and quickly tell your Shaykh all that happens to you.
So the negation of Choice, and then all will, is the purest springs, if you are able to hear.
These are the stations of certainty – you start out with turning away (from wrong action), doing without, and then dear which brings restraint.
Hope, gratitude, then patience and trust, then satisfaction and the love that joins them all.
Its causes are the pure contemplation of what we have, and of the perfection of the attributes, then contemplation of the dazzling light –
By it, I mean the Messenger Muhammad, may blessings be upon him in quantity as great as all that is even or add,
And on his family and every gnostic calling to the path of Allah in every assembly.
Our gifts are from a Prophet who is the master of the creatures of Allah.
May the purest of blessings be upon him in quantity as great as the knowledge of Allah.
And his family and Companions and everyone who calls to Allah.
يا طالب الفنا في الله * قل دائما الله الله
وغب فيه عن سواه * واشهد بقلبك الله
واجمع همومك فيه * تكفى به عن غيرالله
و كن عبدا صرفا له * تكن حرا عن غير الله
واخضع له وتذلل * تفز بسر من الله
واذكر بجد وصدق * بين يدي عبيد الله
واكتم إذا تجلى لك * بأنوار من ذات الله
فالغير عندنا محال * فالوجود الحق لله
ووهمك اقطع دائما * بتوحيد صرف لله
فوحدة الفعل تبدو * في أول الذكر لله
ووحدة الوصف له * تاتي من الحب في الله
ووحدة الذات له * تورث البقا بالله
فهنئا لمن مشى * في طريق الذكر لله
معتقدا شيخا حيا * يكون عارفا بالله
ولازم الحب له * وباع نفسه لله
وقام في الليل يتلو * كلامه شوقا لله
فنال ما يطلبه * من قوة العلم بالله
وفيضنا من نبي * سيد مخلوقات الله
عليه أزكى صلاة * عدد معلومات الله
وء اله و صحبه * وكل داع إلى الل
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