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Shiwu (Stonehouse): Most of the time I smile

Shiwu (Stonehouse): Most of the time I smile

Photo: Yogi from Eastern Tibet, 1933.


Most of the time I smile
old men can relax
my mind is free of troubles
nothing but mountains meet my eyes
the P'eng soars into the sky
a leopard blends into mist
I'm more like the flowering plum
I wait for the year-end cold

(Shiwu; Stonehouse)



Quote Source and Recommended Reading:

'The Zen Works of Stonehouse: Poems and Talks of a 14th-Century Chinese Hermit'
By Red Pine (Translator)

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Stonehouse has been called “the greatest of all Zen monks who made poetry their medium of instruction.” His works have rarely been available in English, but now all of the hermit monk’s poetry, including the major poetic works, “Mountain Poems” and “Gathas,” as well as his most illuminating instructional dharma talks, can be read in Red Pine’s superb translations.

With Red Pine’s personal discovery in 1991 of the site of Stonehouse’s former hut, this edition provides rare firsthand understanding of the spiritual and physical realm of Stonehouse’s era. The Zen Works of Stonehouse is one of the classic texts of Zen, essential for anyone interested in Zen practice and tradition.
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