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Sri Ramana Maharshi: Excerpt from Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Excerpt from Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi
Photo: Holy men, India; c.1890s.


Questioner: Why do you deny being to the world?
Sri Maharishi: I do not negate the world. I see it as appearing in consciousness, which is the totality of the known in the immensity of the unknown. What begins and ends is mere appearance. The world can be said to appear, but not to be. The appearance may last very long on some scale of time, and be very short on another, but ultimately it comes to the same. Whatever is time bound is momentary and has no reality.
Questioner: Surely, you see the actual world as it surrounds you. You seem to behave quite normally!
Sri Maharishi: That is how it appears to you. What in your case occupies the entire field of consciousness, is a mere speck in mine. The world lasts, but for a moment. It is your memory that makes you think that the world continues. Myself, I don't live by memory. I see the world as it is, a momentary appearance in consciousness.
Questioner: In your consciousness?
Sri Maharishi:: All idea of ‘me’ and ‘mine’, even of ‘I am’ is in consciousness.
Questioner: Is then your ‘absolute being’ (paramakash) unconsciousness?
Sri Maharishi: The idea of un-consciousness exists in consciousness only.
Questioner: Then, how do you know you are in the supreme state?
Sri Maharishi: Because I am in it. It is the only natural state.
Questioner: Can you describe it?
Sri Maharishi: Only by negation, as uncaused, independent, unrelated, undivided, uncomposed, unshakable, unquestionable, unreachable by effort. Every positive definition is from memory and, therefore, inapplicable. And yet my state is supremely actual and, therefore, possible, realizable, attainable.
(Sri Ramana Maharshi



Quote Source & Recommended Reading:
'Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi'
By Sri Munagala Venkataramiah (Author)
Purchase Book:
TALKS IS ALL PURE GOLD -Major Alan Chadwick During the four years from 1935 to 1939, Munagala Venkataramiah, a veteran devotee and author of this work, painstakingly recorded the conversations that took place in the old hall between Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and his devotees. People from all faiths and every walk of life came to sit at Sri Bhagavan s feet:Whether ignorant or erudite, a simple peasant or royalty, they traveled from the far corners of the earth to place their doubts before him or just to sit in his divine presence.His infinite compassion and unique insight ensured that none left his ashram empty handed. Their questions covered every aspect of the spiritual search and every problem troubling the human mind: Maharshi s answers gently led the questioner to the correct solution, each question answered according to the questioner s own level of spiritual development.All had their doubts dispelled, their hearts suffused with peace and their beings uplifted in his presence.This book is a truthful chronicle of such happenings. Reflecting the warmth, the humour and the deep spiritual atmosphere generated by the Master s presence, this work is a treasure-house for all who seek the highest truth.Sri Bhagavan s teaching, self-enquiry, is the core of this work. However, doctrinal questions from the various faiths, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Theosophical etc., have also been answered by the Maharshi. His explanations have revealed the common thread underlying all faiths and the absolute unity of the spiritual quest, irrespective of the diverse paths encountered on the journey to the Highest Goal. First printed in the year 1955 the book has been reprinted sixteen times. Somerset Maugham visited India and met Sri Ramana Maharshi. It is said that the famous important work of Somerset Maugham 'Razors's Edge' is based on the philosophy of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
This is not a book to be lightly read and laid aside:it is bound to be an unfailing guide to increasing number of pilgrims to the Light Everlasting. Despite the fact that the great Sage of Arunachala taught for the most part through silence, he did instruct through speech also, and that too, lucidly, without baffling and beclouding the minds of his listeners.One would wish that every word that he uttered had been preserved for posterity.But we have to be thankful for what little of utterances has been put on record.Sri Ramana's central teaching is:Self-inquiry.Instead of wanting to know this and that, seek to know the Self.Ask 'Who am I?'instead of asking about a hundred other things. Self-inquiry ought to be the easiest of all tasks.But it seems to be the most difficult because we have become strangers to our Self.This is the ultimate Truth.This is one's eternal, natural, inherent state.Sri Ramana's teachings as found in the "Talks" will bring hope to everyone.No one need think that he is beyond the pale of redemption.
(Dr. T.M.P.Mahadevan; Professor of Philosphy at Madras University)

"The words of this Sage still flame out in memory like beacon lights.'I pluck golden fruit from rare meetings with wise men.'wrote transatlantic Emerson in his diary,and it is certain that I plucked whole basketfuls during my talks with this man.Our best philosophers of Europe could not hold a candle to him..." --Paul Brunton/Author of Best Sellers like In Search of Secret India/Egypt etc.,

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