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Sun Buer: The Tao is uncontrived

Sun Buer: The Tao is uncontrived
Photo: Men Laden With Tea, Sichuan Sheng, China. By Ernest H. Wilson, 1908.


The Tao is uncontrived, yet there is nothing it does not do.
It can be witnessed by the mind, not known by knowledge.
What is "knowing"? What is "witness"?
Knowledge dismisses knowledge.

Witness only responds.
Response comes from nowhere.

Mind then penetrates.
Penetrate the One, and all tasks are done.

The One is the root.
The task is the door.
When the task returns to One, the One is ever present.

The presence should not be reified;
provisionally we speak of keeping it.

Keep open selflessness and naturally be eternal.

(Sun Buer)


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