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Thayumanavar: Let us in Meekness Worship

Thayumanavar: Let us in Meekness Worship
Photo: A Hindu fakir sitting on a bed of nails with other holy men, 1910.


What is it, which is
Uncircumscribed Effulgence,
Perfect Bliss,
Divine-Love Filled --
What is it, which willed
To contain the countless universes
In boundless space
And there flourishes as Life of life, -
What is it, which stood
Transcending thought and word,
What is it, which remained
As the ever contentious object
Of countless faiths claiming,
''This, my God,'' ''This, our God''--
What is it, which exists as
and Eternal -
What is it, which knows
No limits of
Night and day -
That indeed is what is agreeable to thought,
That indeed is what fills all space in silentness.
That indeed is what we in meekness worship.



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