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Tirumular, Prophet Muhammad, Confucius and Ramakrishna: On Dance

Tirumular, Prophet Muhammad, Confucius and Ramakrishna: On Dance

Photo: Balinese Dancer 
The sound of foot, the sound of tinkling bells,
The songs that are sung, and the various steps,
The forms assumed by our Master as He dances,
Discover these in your heart, so shall your bonds be broken.

(Tirumular on Nataraja, representing Siva's cosmic dance)

He who does not dance in remembrance of the Friend has no friend.

(Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

When you see the type of a nation's dance, you know its character.


God can be served in many different ways. An ecstatic lover of God enjoys Him in different ways. Sometimes he says, 'O God, You are the lotus and I am the bee', and sometimes, 'You are the ocean of Satchidananda and I am the fish.' Sometimes, again, the lover of God says, 'I am your dancing girl.' He dances and sings before Him. He thinks of himself sometimes as the friend of God and sometimes as His handmaid. He looks on God sometimes as a child, as did Yasoda, and sometimes as husband or sweetheart, as did the gopis.

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