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Imam Ali Moské; Copenhagen, Denmark

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Imam Ali Moské; Copenhagen, Denmark
Topped with a turquoise dome and two minarets, the Imam Ali Mosque is Denmark’s largest Shia mosque. It  is located on Vibevej in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district. The 2,100 square metre mosque is topped by a turquoise dome and two 32-metre minarets and has space for 1,500 people. The Imam Ali mosque has been in the works since 2009, when plans for its construction were approved by the City of Copenhagen. The new facility has billed itself as “one mosque for all” and has promised services in a variety of languages. In an invitation to its official opening, the Imam Ali Mosque stressed that everyone was welcome. “Imam Ali Mosque wants to start a competition between similar faith societies to see who can be the most open to the local community. Therefore we look forward to seeing all residents, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, faith, handicap, age or sexual orientation”.

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