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Shaykh Tosun Bayrak (Jerrahi Helveti Order in America); New York, US

Shaykh Tosun Bayrak (Jerrahi Helveti Order in America); New York, US
The Jerrahi (Turkish: Cerrahiyye, Cerrahilik) are a Sufi tariqah (order) derived from the Halveti order. Their founder is Hazreti Pir Muhammad Nureddin al-Jerrahi (1678-1720), who lived in Istanbul and is buried at the site of his tekke in Karagumruk, Istanbul. During the late Ottoman period, this Order was widespread throughout the Balkans, particularly Macedonia and southern Greece (Morea).
The Halveti-Jerrahi Order of Dervishes is a cultural, educational, and social relief organization with members from diverse professional, ethnic and national backgrounds. Muhammad Nureddin (founder of the Order) was a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ both from his mother and father. The path he founded is dedicated to the teachings and traditions, through an unbroken chain of spiritual transmission (silsilah), that go directly back to Prophet Muhammad. The head dergah "convention" of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order is in Karagumruk, Istanbul. There are some substations in Turkey and it has branches in some European countries, Australia, South Africa, South America and North America, including Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, San Francisco, Toronto and Chicago. Branches of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order conduct gatherings where the dervishes perform Sufi remembrance ceremonies (dhikr), practice sufi music, serve dinner, pray together and listen to the discourses (sohbets) of their Sufi guides. This Sufi Order was brought to Western countries by Muzaffer Ozak (1916-1985), who was the 19th Grand Sheikh of the Order. Muzaffer Ozak was Grand Sheikh from 1966-1985. Sefer Dal Efendi (1926-1999) was Grand Sheikh of the Order from 1985-1999. Omer Tugrul Inancer Efendi (born 1946) has been Grand Sheikh of the Order since 1999.

The Shaykh of the New York branch was Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti who was an author, translator and Sufi. He served as a government official in Ankara, Honorary Consul of Turkey in Morocco and was the Sheikh of the Jerrahi-Halveti Order in America. In 1970 Shaykh Bayrak met Shaykh Muzaffer Ozak Ashki al-Jerrahi who became his teacher. Shaykh Bayrak later became a shaykh of the Halveti-Jerrahi order and resided near the Jerrahi Order of America mosque in Spring Valley, New York. He had been a spiritual guide of the Jerrahi Order of the Americas since 1977. He passed on February 15, 2018.


Shaykh Tosun Bayrak has said:


“Service should be from the moment you are born until the moment you give your last breath, but you have to find out in what way. That's what's most important. We have to find out in what manner we are supposed to serve."




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