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Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi Mosque; Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi Mosque; Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi was one of seven of Central Asian Sufi teachers known as Khwajagan (the Masters) of the Naqshbandi order. He was born in Sammas, a village in the suburbs of Ramitan, three miles from Bukhara.
Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi progressed in his journey by memorizing the Qur’an and hadith and becoming a great scholar in jurisprudence. He then began to study speculative theology, logic, and philosophy (‘ilm al-Kalam), as well as history.
He followed Khwaja Ali Ramitani al-‘Azizan and he was constantly engaged in struggling against his ego. He was put into seclusion on a daily basis, until he reached such a state of purity that his Shaykh was permitted to transmit to his heart Unseen Heavenly Knowledge. He became very famous for his miraculous powers and his high state of sainthood. Khwaja ‘Ali Ramitani chose him before his death as his successor and ordered all his students to follow him.
During the birth of Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi, Khwaja Ali ar-Ramitani said: “ I see in his future that he is to be a guide to all humanity. His secrets are going to reach every sincere and pious person. The heavenly knowledge that Allah is going to shower on him will reach every house in Central Asia. Allah’s name is going to be engraved (Naqsh) on his heart. And the Order will take its name from this engraving.”
Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi died in Samas on the 10th of Jumada al-Akhir, in the year 755 H.
Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Samasi has said:
“You must keep in the association of a saint. In that association you must keep your heart from gossiping and you must not speak in their presence in a loud voice, nor should you be busy in their company with prayers and voluntary worship. Keep their company in everything. Don’t talk when they are speaking. Listen to what they say. Don’t look in their homes at what they have, especially in their rooms and their kitchens. Never look towards another shaikh but keep the belief that your shaikh will make you arrive. And don’t ever connect your heart to another shaikh, as you might be harmed by that. Leave behind whatever you have been raised on in your childhood.” 

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