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Mosque of Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari; Cairo, Egypt

Mosque of Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari; Cairo, Egypt
Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari (1910–1979) was a Sufi and scholar, who lived and taught in Cairo, Egypt. He was officially appointed as a teacher at the al-Azhar Mosque in 1946 by the Grand Shaykh of the Azhar at the time, though he had been teaching there without an official appointment for more than a decade, and continued to teach there until his death in 1399 AH/1979 CE. He therefore taught there for more than forty years, of them thirty-three years as an officially appointed teacher. During the last decade or two of his life, he became the Imam of the Azhar Mosque and one of its most celebrated teachers and orators. He was also a spiritual guide and the founder of the Ja'fariyya tariqa.

Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari  summarized his path in these lines of poetry:

My path is the Qur'an, knowledge and piety,
and praise for the Messenger of God,
the one who abolishes misguidance.

After his passing, his son Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Ja'fari founded the Ja'fariyya Ahmadiyya Muhammadiyya in full. The tariqa has more than seventy centers throughout Egypt, as well as in Sudan, Libya, and Malaysia. Its followers hold regular gatherings of Remembrance of God. The Tariqa is active in education and social work and provides many education, medical and social services for the local communities around its centers.


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