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Pesentren Nurus Salafiyah Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

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Pesentren Nurus Salafiyah Probolinggo,  East Java, Indonesia

Pesentren Nurus Salafiyah Probolinggo is a boarding school and orphanage in Indonesia that is dedicated to growing generations of students who have memorized the Holy Quran.
Most 'pesantren' provide housing or dormitory living at low or no cost for the students (Santri). The two type of educations systems are conducted throughout the day. Students in pesantren have almost 20 hours activities starting from early morning prayer starting at 4 am to midnight where they ended the evening with a study group in the dormitory. During the day, students attend formal school (which is mandatory until secondary school by 2005) like any other students outside of pesantren, and in late afternoon and evening they have to attend religious ritual followed by religious studies and group studies to complete their homework.