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Shaykh Babikir (Rumi’s Cave); London, UK

Shaykh Babikir (Rumi’s Cave); London, UK
Founded by Shaykh Ahmed Babikir, Rumi’s Cave is an alternative community hub, arts and events venue in London. Inspired by Jalal ad-Din Rumi, they present a diverse range of cultural and social program to connect hearts, minds and communities.
Shaykh Babikir first founded Ulfa Aid, in 2004, to support those who are marginalised, isolated and vulnerable across the globe. He researched, developed and implemented lasting solutions on a micro-level that are sustainable in order to advocate for changes on behalf of the most disenfranchised sections of society. It was from here that Shaykh Babikir championed Rumis.org in 2011 in order to aid his philosophy to those more locally.

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