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The Virtues Tour; UK

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The Virtues Tour; UK
The Virtues Tour celebrates the life of the Prophet Muhammad , through inspirational talks, poetry and art. It provides an exciting opportunity to learn and understand the many different aspects of the best of God’s creation. Alongside the activities, holy relics are shown, many of which were partially donated by Rumi’s Garden.

Rumi's Garden Partially Donates a Blessed Footprint Replica of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a Holy Ka'aba Kiswah, a Holy Ka'aba Belt, a Samadiyya and a Blessed Kiswah from the Holy Chamber of the Prophet (SAW) to The Virtues Tour; UK.


Purchase a Blessed Footprint relics of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ here

Purchase a Blessed Kiswah (Ghilaf) here