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Prophet Muhammad Footprint Replica | Dome of the Rock; Jerusalem


Blessed Footprint Replica of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from Isra and Mi'raj; Jerusalem

This rare relic replica consists of the blessed footprint of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, placed in a beautifully handcrafted box with rose petals and incense resin. 

The silver Qadam Mubarak is an authentic replica of an existing footprint of the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ that is located in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Palestine. The footprint has an extremely strong 'sanad' (chain of authorization). 

In the Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem, is venerated the sacred footprint left by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ at the time of his Ascension into heaven (Mi'raj). According to the Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was traveling from Mecca to Jerusalem riding his steed Buraq, which flew so rapidly that it could set its hoof ‘at the furthest point visible to the eye’. When Buraq reached the rock, at the location where the ancient Temple of Jerusalem once stood, he set down a hoof, leaving an impression in the stone. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ dismounted, and at the moment in which his Ascension began the Rock wanted to ascend with him and only the intervention of the Angel Gabriel managed to prevent it, leaving on it an impression of his Hand. On that same occasion, Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Footprint was impressed in the stone, where it is still visible today within a gilded metal reliquary equipped with a little door and surmounted by a small cupola, which the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed had built in the south-eastern corner of the Rock in 1609. The stone is embedded in a white marble structure which bears in the center a calligraphic inscription in relief with the formula “Muhammad is God’s messenger”.

A replica of the blessed footprint is showcased in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

The mold of the footprint was retrieved professionally by an associate of Rumi’s Garden and was sent to craftsmen who specifically make casts for museums. Great care was taken to make sure that all details are conserved. The footprint is made of resin. It is extremely durable and waterproof. It should last hundreds of years with God’s Grace. ​

Description of the replica footprint of Prophet Muhammad (Qadam Mubarak, قدم الرسول) in Dome of the Rock; Palestine

۩ Exact replica of the Prophet's ﷺ footprint made from durable resin powder. The bottom of the footprint is covered in velvet. 

۩ A beautiful hand-made carved box produced by a guild specializing in woodwork The interior of the wooden box is lined with red velvet. The box was contracted to a carpentry guild in order to promote their beautiful artisan craft which is currently dying. By purchasing this box-set, we assure fair trade wages to the workers and we keep the art of carved box making alive.
۩ Scented roses to place under the Footprint. The Prophet ﷺ himself was a lover of roses and the roses have been purchased from a local business in Spain.

۩ A wooden box with incense rock resin.
۩ An in-house Rumi's Garden certificate of authentication containing the history of the Prophet’s ﷺ footprint.

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