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Limited Edition Lithograph | 99 Names of God (asma ul-husna) by Ayten Tiryaki; Turkey


Item Number: 400
۩ Subject: 99 Names of God (asmāʾu l-ḥusnā)
۩ Edition: Limited High Quality Lithograph
۩ Calligrapher: Ayten Tiryaki 
۩ Country of Origin: Turkey
۩ Size: 48 x 48 cm
Detailed Description:
Rumi's Garden is proud to present the contemporary traditional Islamic calligraphy of Ayten Tiryaki from Turkey. Ayten Tiryaki was born in Ordu in 1961. She graduated from the Faculty of Theology at Ankara University. She completed her master’s degree at her alma mater in 1983. In the same year, Tiryaki started learning calligraphy from Hasan Çelebi, and illumination art (Tezhip) from Prof. Dr. Çiçek Derman and Assistant Prof. İnci Ayan Birol. Tiryaki obtained her professional license in illumination art from Prof. Dr. Derman; and in calligraphy from Hasan Çelebi. Tiryaki has participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, and has received numerous awards. Her works can be seen in various private collections. Currently, Tiryaki continues to work and teaches at the Burhaniye Culture Center, the Şehbal Culture Center and her workshop in Istanbul.