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Scented Cinnamon Tasbih | 9 x 5 mm Rounded Disk Beads (Medium)


Description of 9 x 5 mm Scented Cinnamon (قرفة) Tasbih

Cinnamon, from the plant family Lauraceae, has been considered a commodity of kings since classical times. According to the philosopher Pliny the Elder, a Roman pound (327g) of cinnamon could equal the salary of fifty months' labour. Even with these prices, the insane Emperor Nero, burned a year’s worth of Rome’s cinnamon supply to honor his wife Poppaea Sabina.
In Ancient Egypt, cinnamon was used to preserve mummies and then, starting from the Ptolemaic Kingdom onwards, it was burned as incense. The great physician and psychologist from the Islamic Golden Age, Ali ibn al-'Abbas al-Majusi, included the health and psychological benefits of cinnamon in his Kitab al-Maliki or Complete Book of the Medical Art. It is used as a cure for tremors, joint pain and dyspepsia amongst other ailments. Studies also show that cinnamon allows for greater concentration which is why it is such a wonderful material for tasbihs. The wood is extremely soft to the touch and has a beautiful earthly brown colors with dark brown blots making each bead unique in itself.
It is with great pleasure that Rumi’s Garden introduces to you this cinnamon prayer bead that was created by a 5th generation prayer bead workshop based in the city of Cairo in Egypt. Only the finest materials are used in making our tasbihs and the tassels are commissioned to West African students of Al-Azhar university who are upkeep their craft which they inherited from their families.

Details of Oud Islamic Prayer Beads


۩ Country of origin: Egypt
۩ Bead material: Handmade from Scented Cinnamon (قرفة)

۩ Bead Size: Approximately 9 x 5 mm (Rounded Disk Bead)

۩ Rukn (Elongated Pillar) & Dividers: Handmade from Scented Cinnamon

۩ Tassel: Light Brown + Beige

۩ Number of Beads: 100 (33-17-17-33)

۩ Length: Approximately 27 cm (without rukn) 

۩ Weight: Approximately 43 grams
۩ Overall Size: Medium (M)

۩ Packaging: Handmade hemp pouch
۩ SKU: ATB-0300-09x05R-100100