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Letter with Seal of Prophet Muhammad | Sent to Al-Munzir ibn Sawa, Ruler of Bahrain


Description of Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ Letter to Al-Munzir ibn Sawa

The carefully replicated letter is a reproduction of the original sent by the Emissary of God ﷺ to Al-Munzir ibn Sawa. Al-Munzir was the ruler of Bahrain and the surrounding regions that included the State of Kuwait, Al-Ahsa, Al-Qatif, the State of Qatar, and Awal. Al Munzir's acceptance of the Prophetic letters, which resulted in his conversion to Islam possibly from Christianity, initiated the unity and spread of the Last Message under the Prophetic banner; indeed, it opened up the possibility of Da’wah (The Islamic call) for humanity.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Al-Munzir ibn Sawa died in the 11th year AH. Al-Munzir remained as one of the loyal Tabi'un till he journeyed to the next world.

The letter translates to:
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

From Muhammad, the Messenger of God, to Munzir Ibn Sawa:

I praise God who has no equal or partner. I bear witness that there is no deity but God. Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. I remind you of God, the possessor of power and majesty. Surely the one who gives advice will have been advised also. Those who obey my messengers and orders will have obeyed me. Those who listen to their counsels will have listened to my counsels. My messengers praised you. I have accepted intercession for you and your tribe. Leave believers in the state in which they made faith. I forgave those who do not accept, so accept their excuses for this reason. As long as you are right, we will not separate you from your duty. Those who remain as Jew or Magians must pay the poll tax.
Seal: Muhammad is the Messenger of God

Details of replicated Prophetic letter and seal to the governor of Bahrain

۩ High quality printed replica of the letter of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ measuring 210 x 297 mm Some adjustments have been made to improve the clarity and visibility of the original letter, including adjustments to the enlargement of the text.
۩ The letter comes in a wood frame with a gold finish that measures 340 x 255 mm.
۩ The purchase comes with an in-house Rumi's Garden letter of authentication that contains a translation of the letter and its in-depth historical context. 
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