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Poster of Impression of Prophet Muhammad’s Sandal | Depicts the Holy Ka’aba and the Maqam Ibrahim


Item Number: 2004

Description '  Blessed Sandal of Prophet Muhammad   ﷺ with Holy Ka’aba'

۩ Subject: Blessed Sandal of Prophet Muhammad  
۩ Image Details: Outline of a stylised Prophetic Footprint of pointed form, encompassing a diagram of the Ka'aba and the Maqam Ibrahim, a geometric interlocking square below, bordered with prayers in white maghribi script reserved against blue ground, the spandrels with geometric kufic squares inscribed baraka Muhammad, with polychrome floral illumination.
۩ Country of Origin: Morocco 
۩ Time Period: 17th/ 18th century
۩ Size: Approximately 46 x 34 cm (including frame)
۩ Frame:   Wood frame with a gold finish
Scholarly Quotes about the Prophetic Sandal:

Abu Jafar Ahmad b. Abd al-Majid had once cut the pattern of the Prophet’s  ﷺ sandal for one of his students. His student, on a visit to his teacher, said: ‘Yesterday I saw a wonder from the barakah (grace) of this sandal. My wife was suffering from a pain which almost took her life. I placed the [image of the] sandal on the spot of her pain and said: O God, show me the barakah (grace) of the owner of this sandal. God  cured her instantly.’"

(Ibn Asakir)

I shall kiss the image if I do not find
A way to kiss the Prophet’s sandal
Perhaps the good fortune of kissing it
Will be granted to me in Paradise in the most radiant place
And I rub my heart on it so that perhaps
The burning thirst which rages in it maybe quenched

(Sa’adat Al Darayn)

‘I am the dust on the path of Muhammad .' 


Qasim ibn Muhammad said: 'Of the proven blessing of the likeness of the Prophet's

ﷺ sandal is that, whoever has it in his possession for tabarruk will be safeguarded by it from the sedition of rebels and the mastery of enemies, and it will be a barrier against every devil and the evil eye of the envious. If a pregnant woman holds it in her right hand during labour, her delivery will be easier by Allah’s Power.'

(Reported by Abu Ishaq al-Zuhri)

'If possible, kiss the dust that has been touched by the sandals, otherwise, kiss an image of the sandals.'

(Imam al-Zarqani)

‘Kiss the image of the blessed sandals because even if you get to kiss this, then what an honour this is.’

(ibn ‘Asakir)

‘One benefit of making the image is that whoever cannot see the actual shrine can look at the image and kiss it with a yearning because this image is the same as the actual. The image of the sandals is full of benefit which makes it the same as the actual. This has been tried and tested. Hence, the scholars have ordained the same respect for the image as they do for the actual.'

(Taj al Din Fakihani)


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