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Coquilla Tasbih with West African Tassel (7 x 5 mm Bead)


Beautiful high quality handmade Islamic prayer beads designed a fifth generation tasbih guild in proximity of the Sayidna Al-Hussain Mosque of Egypt. Tassels are handwoven by West African Azhari students and each individual piece is unique and extremely durable.
Detailed Description:
Item Number: 102
Country of Origin: Egypt
Bead Material: Handmade from Coquilla
Bead size: Approximately 7 x 5 mm
Rukn (Elongated pillar) and dividers: Handmade from Coquilla
Tassel: West African handwoven; Brown and White
Number of Beads: 100 
Length: Approximately 29 cm (with rukn) 
Weight: Approximately 25 grams
Packaging: Handmade hemp pouch
Since items are handmade, there will be inconsistencies within the various components of the product.


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