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Blessed Footprints of Prophet Muhammad during the Isra & Miraj | 17th Century Tile Replica

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Description of 17th Century Israa and Miraj Footprint Replica Tile

The beautiful artwork is a replica of an Iznik tile dated 1706 (early 18th century) with a depiction of the footprints of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ which are currently located in Jerusalem. The two prints illustrated were left by the Prophet ﷺ before his miraculous night journey from Jerusalem to the Heavens. Above the rock on which he stepped, and left his blessed footmarks, was erected the earliest Islamic monument; the Dome of the Rock.
The original tile is located in The Benaki Museum of Islamic Art. 
 The inscription on the tile reads:
Ottoman Readable Calligraphy on Right Foot

My Great Prophet who is the head of all prophets;
The Prophet has left this footprint as a pleasant memory when he travelled the Heavens on the night of Miraj accompanied by the Angel Gabriel.            
a picture of it was made in ----- years
---- The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa
---- to love his footprint ----
 to love him ----
whoever loves him (or his Footprints), Allah will forgive him in both worlds.
Allah, heal our troubles.
Protect us in the hereafter so we can easily cross as-sirat al-mustaqeem.
Make us safe from grief and sorrow.

Ottoman Readable Calligraphy on Left Foot

My second wish is to settle in the best place in the Hereafter.
Allah, pass us through the door where the Prophet (ﷺ) passed.
I now approach you humbly and ask forgiveness;
Only then I understand the great Miraj.
Those who have sons and daughters and goods in the world should not rejoice or be arrogant because everything in the world belongs to Allah.
It is Allah who gives everything.
It is Allah who takes everything.
Allah is everywhere at all times.

Details of Prophetic Footprint Tile Set

۩  Tile Size: 27 x 27 cm
۩  Tile Material: Ceramic
۩  Weight: 1.5 kilos
۩  Frame Colour: Gold

۩  Purchase includes a Rumi's Garden in-house certificate describing the tile and the artwork.

۩  SKU: 477

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