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19th Century Brass Table Tray Possibly from Egypt


Item Number: 429
۩  Age: 1800s
۩  Country of Origin: Possibly Egypt
۩  Material: Engraved brass
۩  Size: 34.8 cm in diameter
۩  Condition: Good for age. Minor surface spotting
  Detailed Description:
Metalworking is one of the many decorative arts that has always been highly prized in the Islamic world. The transformation of an inert metal into a glittering and precious object was a valued process. Islamic metal craftsmen, heirs to the tradition set by the Sassanid and Byzantine civilizations, among others, perpetuated and then reinterpreted these skills. Unfortunately, the art of metalwork is becoming more and more rare and the quality of workmanship is no longer what it once was with a few exceptions.