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Scented Agarwood (Oud) Tasbih | 8 x 8 mm Spherical Segment Beads (Large)



Description of 8 mm  Scented Agarwood (Oud, Ud, عود) Tasbih

The earth has He laid down for creatures. Therein are fruit and date palms bearing sheaths, husked grains and fragrant herbs. So which of your Lord’s boons do you two deny?

(Quran, 55; 10-13)

While hundreds of plant species are aromatic, agarwood, historically and till this day, is particularly revered for its spiritual and healing properties. This magnificent resin-infused fragrant wood is known by names such aloeswood, eaglewood, gaharu, oud, chen xiang, and jinkoh. It is mainly produced by a tropical tree belonging to the aquilaria family. When given the right care, agarwood can retain its fragrance over very long periods of time.

Within ahadith literature, our beloved Master, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, referred to agarwood as Ud al-Hindi, or Indian aloes. Furthermore, there is an authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim in which Nafi'a transmitted that Ibn Umar would fumigate a space with agarwood and then say 'This is how the Messenger fumigated'. In The Ain-i-Akbari, a document recording detailing the administration of the Mughal Empire under Emperor Akbar, agarwood products, grades and preparation methods were cited in detail. Till this day, within the field of traditional Islamic medicine, agarwood is used to strengthen the body and to aid in digestion amongst other things. 
Rumi's Garden, along with a 5th generation Islamic prayer bead workshop based in the center of Old Cairo, has worked meticulously to bring to you this 8mm oud tasbih. Every bead is handcrafted using the highest quality natural material and the tassels were braided by West African Azhari students who are heirs to a long kept secret of tasseling passed on from their parents and grandparents.

Details of Oud Islamic Prayer Beads

۩ Country of Origin: Egypt
۩ Bead Material: Handmade from Scented Agarwood (aloeswood, Oud, Oudh, Ud, عود)
۩ Bead Size: Approximately 8 x 8 mm (Spherical Segment Bead)
۩ Rukn (Elongated Pillar) & Dividers: Handmade from Scented Agarwood 
۩ Tassel: Burgundy + Brown + White
۩ Number of Beads: 100 (33-17-17-33)
۩ Length: Approximately 40 cm (without rukn) 
۩ Weight: Approximately 40 grams
۩ Overall Size: Large (L)
۩ Packaging: Handmade hemp pouch
۩ SKU: ATB-0100-08x08S-171500



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