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Antique Persio-Indian Papier Mache & Copper Dervish Kashkul (Begging Bowl) with Floral Design


Item Number: 662
۩ Country of Origin: India
۩ Age: Late 1800s.
۩ Height (at its longest): 10 cm
۩ Width: 12.5 cm
۩ Base: 5.5 cm
۩ Material: Papier Mache and Copper
۩ Condition: Good for age. 
Detailed Description:
Kashkuls carried the food donations on which Sufi dervishes and wandering ascetics relied for sustenance. They symbolised the emptying of the Sufi’s ego through the renunciation of worldly goods and aspirations. The bowls were produced in a variety of media and were held or hung from the shoulder by metal chains. The earliest examples date to the thirteenth or fourteenth century, and their form may have been derived from crescent- and boat-shaped wine bowls made in pre-Islamic Iran.