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Coquilla Nut (Kuk) Tasbih | 8 x 8 mm Spherical Segment Beads (Large)

SKU ATB-0400-08x08S-061500

Description of 8mm Coquilla Nut (Kuk, Kokka, Kaukah, Cuk, كوك) Tasbih

The attalea palm, and the coquilla nut it produces, has been used as a source of healing and protection by many traditional cultures. According to Islamic oral sayings, the staff of Moses that split the Red Sea may have been made from this plant, and Prophet Sulayman may have used its properties to gain mastery over jinn. The Ottomans especially understood its healing properties that includes the removal of excess energy within the body.

The wonderful nut born from this palm, called coquilla, is extremely durable and when polished, it shimmers. Its properties have long made it a favorite material in the world of tasbih making. One of its physical qualities is that the more one makes dhikr with a kuk tasbih, the darker and smoother the prayer beads become. The beads also produce a clicking sound that helps its user concentrate on the dhikr.

Through a 5th generation Islamic prayer bead guild, based in the area surrounding the Sayidna Al-Husayn mosque in Cairo, Rumi's Garden has been privileged to bring this special masbaha to you. The tassels of this sibha were handwoven by young West African students who have settled in Cairo in order to study in al-Azhar University.

Each coquilla nut tasbih is produced using the highest quality natural materials. Small minor variations in bead size, color, markings and shape is expected, with each tasbih, and this reflects the individual and organic beauty of each prayer bead set.


Details of Kuk Islamic Prayer Beads

۩ Country of Origin: Egypt
۩ Bead Material: Handmade from coquilla nut (Kuk, Kaukah, Cuk, كوك)

۩ Bead size: Approximately 8 x 8 mm (Spherical Segment Bead)

۩ Rukn (Elongated pillar) & Dividers: Handmade from Coquilla Nut

۩ Tassel: Dark Brown + White

۩ Number of Beads: 100 (33-17-17-33)

۩ Length: Approximately 41 cm (without rukn) 

۩ Weight: Approximately 43 grams
۩ Overall Size: Large (L)

۩ Packaging: Handmade hemp pouch
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