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Ebony Tasbih | 8 x 8 mm Spherical Segment Beads (Large)


Description of 8mm Ebony (أبنوس) Tasbih

Ebony is a fantastically dense, dark hardwood that has a fine texture and a mirror finish when polished. It grows in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Africa and Mauritius. In India, ebony was traditionally reserved for the making of sacred objects and was a favorite material amongst the Maharajas and Mughal emperors. In Japan, it was used to make the handle of samurai swords. Part of the reason for it being a revered wood is because it can take up to 200 years for an ebony tree to fully bloom.

Symbolically, the rich, black color of ebony represents the primordial void; a state that every seeker aspires to through detachment from the world and attachment to God. The density of the wood symbolizes harmony and protection.

To make the ebony masbaha, Rumi's Garden has had the immense pleasure of working with a tasbih guild, based in Cairo, that aims to spread the dying art of Islamic prayer bead making. The guild has commissioned the handwoven tassels of this bead set to West African Azhari students and each individual piece is unique and extremely sturdy.

Details of Ebony Islamic Prayer Beads

۩ Country of Origin: Egypt
۩ Bead Material: Handmade from Ebony (أبنوس)
۩ Bead size: Approximately 8 x 8 mm (Spherical Segment Bead)
۩ Rukn (Elongated pillar) and dividers: Handmade from Ebony
۩ Tassel: Black + White
۩ Number of Beads: 100  (33-17-17-33)
۩ Length: Approximately  42 cm (without rukn) 
۩ Weight: Approximately 55 grams

۩ Overall Size: Large (L)
۩ Packaging: Handmade hemp pouch

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