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Large Wool Shawl Handloomed in Gujarat-India | Light Indigo & Golden Beige for Men & Women

SKU ASH-0300-088x208-323313

Description of Gujarati Large Hand-loomed Wool Shawl

“The traditional arts and crafts are, in fact, “mysteries,” with “secrets” that are not merely “tricks of the trade” of economic value, but pertain to the worldwide and immemorial symbolism of the techniques, all of which are analogies or imitations of the creative nature in operation”

​(​Ananda K. Coomaraswamy​)​

This ​large beautiful shawl​,​ ​which measures 220 cm ​in width and ​98 cm ​in length, can be worn by both men and women. It was produced using naturally dyed handspun wool created on a spindle. Natural dyes are created from plants and minerals and are environmentally friendly and non-allergic. As well as being non-toxic to the human body, natural dyes also perpetuate an ancient tradition which has now become uncommon. The colors of this shawl consist of warm and earthy shades of indigo, golden beige, orange. 
A technique used to create the designs on this shawl is the extra weft; an additional set of threads are handloomed into the weft, between two regular weft threads, to create an ornamental pattern.
The shawl is a unique piece that is hand-loomed so slight variations may exist in the design and dyeing process.

It is with great pleasure that Rumi's Garden has collaborated with a weavers guild in East India to bring you this wonderful shawl. The guild aims to provide and income to weavers and to promote natural dyes.
Maintaining Your Shawl

To maintain the shawl, hand-wash it with a small amount of mild wool/ silk soap or delicate non-biological wool detergent. Do not dry cleaning. Do not tumble dry. The wool softens after a wash and continues to do so with time.

Details of Multicolored Shawl with Extra Weft Weave Design

۩ Type: Shawl 

۩ Gender: Men & Women

۩ Material (Fibre): Wool

۩ Make (Process): Handloom

۩ Design Technique: Extra weft weave design

۩ Colours: Light Indigo, Golden Beige, Beige, Indigo, Light Orange

۩ Approximate Size (excluding fringe): 88 cm x 208 cm

۩ Approximate Weight: 330 grams

۩ Country of Origin: Gujarat, India

۩ SKU: ASH-0300-088x208-323313

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