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Handmade Palestinian Embroidered Black and Red Shawl


Item Number: 128
۩  Country of Origin: Hebron; Palestine
۩  Material: Cotton
۩  Make: Handmade with intricate embroidery
۩  Color: Black, red, blue, green, white
۩  Size: 46 cm x 140 cm
Detailed Description:
In cooperation with Women in Hebron, Rumi's Garden brings you these beautiful handmade traditional embroidered 100% cotton Palestinian shawls. All designs have been passed down to the craftswomen from their mothers and grandmothers. 

Women in Hebron was established as part of the cooperative association’s efforts to provide women in Hebron district the resources to provide for themselves and their families through the production and sales of Palestinian handicraft items. The one hundred and twenty women who produce the items that are sold come from across Hebron district from eight cities and villages. The proceeds from sales provide themselves and their families with additional income that could not otherwise be obtained through part-time employment.
Since items are handmade, there will be inconsistencies within the various components of the product.