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Hardcover of Shama'il an-Nabi; A Classical Islamic Text


Item Number: 472
۩ Book: Hardcover of Shama'il of the Prophet
۩ Pages: 408
۩ Length: 22cm
۩ Thickness: 3cm
۩ Height: 30.5cm
Detailed Description:

This book, Shama'il of the Prophet, is a compilation of hadith – reports of the sayings or actions of the Prophet Muhammad together with their traditional chains of transmission. The word shama’il means a description of a person’s beauty on all levels, ellaborating the details of their physical appearance, moral character, day to day behaviour, spiritual manner and so on. Shama’il is that which characterises or encompasses a person.

The book is intended for both a scholarly audience and a general Arabic reading Muslim audience, and is compiled and fully indexed in accordance with the strict requirements of hadith scholarship making it a valuable reference work for experts in the field. 

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