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Framed Hilya Panel | Description of Prophet Muhammad by Mehmet Hursit; Turkey


Hilye panel by Mehmet Hurşit; Ottoman Turkey

This beautiful hilye is a high-quality reproduction of an illuminated Ottoman piece created by the master scribe Mehmet Hurşit in 1873. Its main colors consist of a vibrant blue background, surrounding the main cartouche, with golden floral designs. The script is magnificently written in black script, all with the exceptions of the Divine Name Allah and Muhammad in the top two roundels and the center.

As is typical of the classic hilye design layout of its creator Hafiz Osman, the top band contains the Basmallah; 'In the Name of God, the Infinitely Good, the All-Merciful'.

The second band contains the wonderful phrase:

لولاك لولاك ما خلقت الأفلاك

If not for you! If not for you! I would not have created creation.

The context of this phrase comes from Al-Tabarani's al-Mujam al-Kabir as reported by Umar ibn al-Khattab:
The Prophet of God ﷺ said: “Allah said: When Adam made his mistake, he asked: O Allah! I ask you for the sake of Muhammad to forgive me. Allah said: O Adam! How do you recognize Muhammad when I have not yet created him? Adam said: O Allah! When you created me and blew into me the spirit, I lifted my head and saw written on the Divine Throne ‘There is no deity but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God’. So, I knew that you would only join your name with him who is most beloved to you. Allah said: O Adam! You have spoken the truth. Indeed Muhammad is more beloved to me than anything and when you asked me for his sake, I pardoned you. If Muhammad was not in existence, I would not have created you”. 
The central cartouche contains the well-known description of Imam Ali concerning the Seal of Prophets ﷺ: The Prophet was neither excessively tall nor extremely short. He was of medium height. His hair was neither curly nor wavy.  It was not too curly nor was it straight. It was both curly and wavy. His face was not swollen or meaty. It was fairly round. His mouth was white. He had black eyes that were large with long lashes. His joints were rather large. He had little hairs that stood up, extending from his chest down to his navel, but the rest of his body was almost hairless. He had thick palms and thick fingers and toes. When walking, he lifted his feet off the ground as if he were walking in muddy water. When he turned, he turned completely. The Seal of Prophethood was between his shoulders. That was the sign of the fact that he was the last Prophet.
Surrounding the main text are six roundels containing the names of Abu Bakr, Umar, Hussain, Ali, Uthman, Hassan.

Finally, the bottom band contains the Quranic verse [21:107]:
We have not sent thee, save as a mercy unto all beings.

Details of the Ottoman hilya sharif reproduction by Mehmet Hurşit

۩ Country of Origin: Ottoman Turkey
۩ Time Period: Ottoman period; 1873
۩ Artist: Mehmet Hurşit
۩ Size: Approximately 46 x 34 cm (including frame)
۩ Print: High-quality matte print and detail finishings
۩ Frame: Wood frame with a gold finish

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