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Framed Hilya Panel | Description of Prophet Muhammad by al-Hajj Ahmed Kamil; Turkey

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Hilye by al-Hajj Ahmed Kamil; Turkey

This exquisite early 20th-century hilya consists of 17 lines calligraphed in naskh and thuluth scripts. It is unique in that it not only depicts paintings of the Holy Ka'aba and Masjid an-Nabawi (The Haramayn) but also various items belonging to The Messenger of Allah ﷺ. Some of the belongings include his blessed sandal, walking stick, ring and seal, prayer beads, miswak, minbar, sword, handprint, and footprint. Also depicted is the family tree of the Prophet ﷺ.

The arrangement of the hilye sharif is also distinctive.

Surrounded by a floral illumination, is a beautiful arch that contains the following Quranic verses in wonderful calligraphy.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful:
The Messenger believes in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and the believers; each one believes in God and His angels, and in His Books, and His messengers, 'we make no distinction between any of His messengers'. And they say, 'We hear and obey; Your forgiveness, our Lord; to You is the homecoming' ۝ God charges no soul save to its capacity; for it is what it is has merited, and against it is what it has earned. Our Lord, take us not to task if we forget, or err; our Lord, burden us not with a load, such as You did lay upon those before us. Our Lord, do not burden us beyond what we have the power to bear; and pardon us, and forgive us, and have mercy on us; You are our Patron; so grant us assistance against the disbelieving folk.

(Quran 2: 285-286)
Verse 285 is a statement of faith and true belief, while verse 286 is a Quranic dua. Concerning these two verses, the Prophet ﷺ has said that that they were given to him from a storehouse beneath the Throne (min kanzin tattal-arsh). Furthermore, a hadith states that "Whosoever recites these two verses during the night, they will suffice him".
In the top center of the hilye is the Basmala with the hadith Qudsi لولاك لولاك لما خلقت الأفلاك, which translates, in short form, to: 'If it were not for you [O Muhammad], I would have not created the heavens.'
Eight roundels, decorated throughout with polychrome and gold floral scrolls and sprays, contain the following names: The Divine Name Allah, Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Uthman, Umar, Hassan, Husayn, Uthman, and Ali.
The göbek, which is the circle containing the first part of the Prophet's ﷺ physical description, follows a standard format. This is followed by the kuşak (belt) which is the Quranic verse (21:07), and finally, the etek (lower skirt), which contains the concluding description of the Prophet ﷺ along with salutations and blessings to him.


Details of the hilya depicting relics of Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Ka'aba & Masjid-an Nabawi

۩ Country of Origin: Eastern Turkey 
۩ Time Period: Early 20th cent.
۩ Artist: al-Hajj Ahmed Kamil
۩ Size: Approximately 46 x 34 cm (including frame)
۩ Print: High-quality matte print and detail finishings
۩ Frame: Wood frame with a gold finish
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