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Kitaab Al-Daawaat | The Awrad of the Ahmadi Tariqah; Hardcover


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Item Number: 711
۩ Book: Kitaab Al-Daawaat; The Awrad of the Ahmadi Tariqah

۩ Pages: 201
۩ Length: 24.5 cm
۩ Width:  17.4 cm
Detailed Description:
The Wird (pl. Awrad) is either a public or a private invocation in response, and in accordance with the Revelation that it aspires to answer in words and deeds. Assayed Ahmed Ibn Idris (1760–1837) was a noted theologian and a spiritual master of his time in Fez of Morocco. The Awrad, and Rasail of Saydi Ahmed Ibn Idris are some of his endeavours with regard to Islamic teachings, but they have a central importance in containing the core of his school of thought. The more elaborate studies of his doctrine and history may reveal profound aspects in his approaches to Islamic Thought. The book also contains some of his Rasail or Articles bordering the peripheries of the text according to calligraphic principles in Islamic Culture. 

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