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Limited Edition String Bound Surat Ya Sin by Mehmet Ozcay


Item Number: 688
۩ Length: 14cm
۩ Height: 22cm
۩ Thickness:  3mm
۩ Pages: 6
۩ Book Type: Qur'an; Surat Ya Sin (36th chapter of the Holy Qur'an), paperback
۩ Calligraphy: Nashk, by Mehmet Özçay
۩ Illumination: Inspired by Persian Qur'an illumination 
Detailed Description:
Anas ibn Malik narrates that the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “Everything has a heart and the heart of the Qur’an is Ya Sin. So, whoever recites Ya Sin, Allah will inscribe for him the reward of reciting the Qur’an ten times.” [Tirmidhi]

Most beautiful printed Surat Ya Sin (Chapter 36 of the Holy Qur'an). Renowned and award-winning calligrapher Mehmet Özçay embarked in 1986 upon writing the Holy Qur'an in  thulth-naskh scripts. To date, his work has been published several times across Turkey and the Middle East and his calligraphy has been acknowledged for its exquisitely beautiful art.

This First Edition was printed in a limited amount, and features the calligraphy of Mehmet Özçay and illumination work of Fatma Özçay. Its artisan book binding and vibrant colours will make a beautiful addition to your home.