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Round Pendant | Kiswah (Ghilaf) of Holy Kaaba (M)

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Medium-Sized Round Pendant containing the Holy Ka'aba Kiswah Covering

With gratitude to the Almighty ﷻ, Rumi's Garden is honored to present a medium-sized round pendant with an authentic fragment of the black blessed kiswah, or cloth covering, from the Holy Ka’aba. The cross-section of the Holy Ka’aba kiswah (كسوة الكعبة) comes from a larger panel that was placed on the House of God for a period of one year and then removed on 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah, 1433 hijri.

The Holy Ka’aba, located in Mecca, the birthplace of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, is the concrete symbol of the origin of Islam and, in Muslim eyes, of all religion. To come to the Ka’aba is to return to one’s origin. But it is also the supreme center of Islam by virtue of which all Muslims turn to it in their daily obligatory prayers. 

For Adam, God had ordered him to build a holy site in the shape of a House in Heaven called Baitul Ma’amur; This is the heavenly house that contains the divine throne in which the angels circumambulate. This ritual, of the angels, is reenacted by pilgrims during the Hajj and symbolizes the pilgrim's entry into the Divine Presence. As Muslims, we believe that Adam's Kaaba was destroyed by the neglect of believers, and according to the Quran (2:127) Abraham and his son, Ismail, rebuilt the holy house. 

As a reminder to always be in the presence of Allah by being in tune with our inner Ka’aba, the Heart, Rumi’s Garden is offering a beautifully crafted pendant that contains a fragment of the blessed Ka’aba kiswah relic. The pendant is 32 x 9 mm in size and its tray is composed of silver alloy which is made to be durable. The blessed kiswah cloth is covered with convex glass in order to preserve it and keep it clean. 

Description of the medium Ka'aba kiswah round pendant

With your purchase you will receive the following:

۩ A medium round pendant, measuring 32 x 9 mm (41mm in height, including the hook), with an authentic cutout of the Holy Ka'aba kiswah. The kiswah, made by The Kiswah Factory, was placed on the Holy Ka'aba in Mecca. Please note that the pendant is not waterproof. 

۩ A certified true copy of a certificate of authentication, for the larger Holy Ka’aba kiswah panels, officially provided by Islamic Antiquities Museum of Kuwait. This certificate is the original certified true copy given by the museum and is not a photocopy made by Rumi's Garden. An English translation of this certificate will also be included.

۩ A Rumi's Garden in-house letter of authentication explaining the history of the Holy Ka’aba kiswah fragment and how it was sourced.

The design of the blessed kiswah you will receive will not be exactly like the photo. Please note that the kiswah pendant is not waterproof.

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