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Onyx and Coquilla Nut (Kuk) Tasbih | 8 mm Spherical Beads (Large)

SKU ATB-3604-08x08S-060800

Description of 8 mm Black Onyx (Black Aqeeq) & Coquilla Nut (Kuk) Tasbih

This stunning prayer bead set combines the two materials of black onyx and coquilla nut. Black onyx is a type of agate (aqeeq) belonging to a variety of banded chalcedony quartz that has a beautiful smooth luster and shine. Historically, it was a popular stone with the Greeks and Romans who believed it would ward off evil. It was also once highly prized for prayer beads, which is why it is considered to be a material that banishes stress and grief.

Coquilla nut (kuk), on the other hand, is a fruit that comes from a palm. It resembles a small coconut and when carved out then polished, it exudes a beautiful waxy, earthy, brown color. Many spiritual masters have recommended the use of kuk in tasbihs for its qualities of protection.
In partnership with a masbaha guild based in Cairo, Rumi’s Garden is humbled to bring to you this wonder black onyx and coquilla nut bead set. The dark brown and golden beige, white and black tasseling was commissioned to West African Azhari students who learned their craft from their forefathers. Since the tasbih is handmade, small inconsistencies make each piece completely unique.


Details of Onyx and Coquilla Nut Islamic Prayer Beads


۩ Country of origin: Egypt
۩ Bead material: Onyx

۩ Bead Size: Approximately 8 mm (Spherical Bead)

۩ Rukn (Elongated Pillar) & Dividers: Coquilla Nut (Kuk)

۩ Tassel: Dark Brown + Golden Beige

۩ Number of Beads: 100 (33-17-17-33)

۩ Length: Approximately 43 cm (without rukn)

۩ Weight: Approximately 88 grams
۩ Overall Size: Large (L)

۩ Packaging: Handmade hemp pouch
۩ SKU: ATB-3604-08x08S-060800