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Framed Impression of Prophet Muhammad’s Sandal | Depicts the Holy Ka’aba and the Maqam Ibrahim

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Description 'Sacred Sandal of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with Holy Ka’aba '

۩ Subject: Blessed Sandal of Prophet Muhammad  
۩ Image Details: Outline of a traditional depiction of the Prophetic Sandal with it's well known pointed form. The Naalain encompasses a diagram of the Holy Ka'aba and the Maqam Ibrahim. A geometric interlocking square design is located at the mid-foot section. The outline of the sandal is bordered with prayers in white maghribi script reserved against blue ground. The spandrels with geometric kufic squares are inscribed with the phrase 'baraka Muhammad', meaning 'the blessings of Muhammad' and contain polychrome floral illumination.
۩ Country of Origin: Morocco 
۩ Time Period: 17th/ 18th century
۩ Size: Approximately 46 x 34 cm (including frame)
۩ Frame:   Wood frame with a gold finish

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